Dan and Lorna's American Adventure 2005

Monday, August 30, 2004

The Planning Stages

It's almost 1 year until we head off on our American Adventure.

It will soon be time to start making bookings so we have been spending the last few weeks trying to sort out our plans so that we can get costings as soon as possible.

We are now working on "Option 4";
Due to the length of some of the drives we have added extra nights in to break up the journey.

We have now bought a few guidebooks on the USA so no doubt Option 5 will be just around the corner...

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Too Big An Adventure?

We've been looking at our proposal for our American Adventure and think we might be being a little ambitious!

The driving times for some of the trips are almost full days in themselves let alone any stops en-route or the time needed to see everything at the destination.

So, we've decided to look into a couple of additional stopover days to break up the journey and to see some of the real American country towns, not just the big cities.