Dan and Lorna's American Adventure 2005

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Washington Hotels

27th September 2005 - 3 nights

Red Roof Inn - £195.00 (£65.00 per night)
Carlyle Suites / Savoy Suites - £267.00 (£99.00 per night)
Marriott Wardman Park - £270.00 (£90.00 per night)
Renissance - £280.50 (£93.50 per night)

Octopus Travel

Los Angeles Hotels

26th September 2005 - 1 night

Quality LAX - £35.50 per night
Anaheim Plaza Suites - £40.00 per night
Radisson LAX - £45.00 per night
Crowne Plaza LAX - £45.50 per night
Hyatt West Hollywood - £95.50 per night

Octopus Travel

New York Hotels

2nd September 2005 - 4 nights

Quality on Broadway - £319.00 (£79.75 per night)
B.W President - £335.00 (£83.75 per night)
Newtown - £398.00 (£99.50 per night)

Octopus Travel

Boston Hotels

6th September 2005 - 3 nights

Midtown Hotel - £264.00 (£88.00 per night)
The Tremont Boston Hotel - £289.50 (£96.50 per night)

Octopus Travel

San Francisco Hotels

21st September 2005 - 4 nights

Renoir Hotel - £244.00 (£61.00 per night)
The Mosser - £258.00 (£64.50 per night)
Holiday Inn Civic Center - £262.00 (£65.50 per night)
Holiday Inn Express Fishermans Wharf - £408.00 (£102.00 per night)

Octopus Travel

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Hotel Website

Had a bit of a mouch round the internet trying to find websites which have prices for hotels next year.

So far, I've found Octopus Travel who seem to have some pretty good prices.

Must look into this more...

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Nearly October

Which means we'll be able to start pricing things up! Horray!

Our itinerary has remained the same for quite a while. We feel quite conifdent with the list. It could still change though, everything is just on hold until we can get real prices.

Once we're back from our break up North we should know more.

Finger crossed!

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Slow Progress

To be honest, not much has been happening lately with our plans for the trip.

We can't book anything or get any prices 'til at least a year in advance so it'll be October before we can start costing up the trip properly.

We have been into town today and picked up a couple of brochures for America to give us some inspiration.

So at the moment, we're kind of in limbo.