Dan and Lorna's American Adventure 2005

Sunday, October 31, 2004

We're Going!

It's official, we're going on our American Adventure! Yeah!

We booked our flights today, and 3 of our hotels.

We will be flying with British Airways to New York and returning from Los Angeles;

2nd September 2005 - LHR / JFK - 1025 / 1300
30th September 2005 - LAX / LHR - 2130 / 1550

The cost of the flights was £470.00 per person

The itinerary has changed though. We thought the cheapest flight to get would be a London - New York return so we planned to fly into New York, travel round then get an internal flight from Los Angeles to Washington and drive up from Washington to New York to catch the flight home. However, the New York return flights turned out to be more expensive than we had hoped so a quick change of itinerary was required.

We will no longer be visiting Washington and will instead use the time on the West coast by adding in a stay in San Diego which will also allow us to make a trip to Tijuana in Mexico.

We've also booked 3 of our hotels;

The Carter Hotel in New York
Curry Village in Yosemite National Park
The Bellagio in Las Vegas

managed to get us a good deal on our New York hotel, 4 nights for £140.00 and The Bellagio was cheaper than we expected. 4 nights for a mere £378.44. Unfortunately it's just a boring "deluxe" room, the suites were just out of our price range! ;o)

Very exciting!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

336 Days

A lot of flights and hotels can't be booked more than 336 days in advance. That's 48 weeks.

I have therefore calculated that we can start booking as of 29th October.

Just another couple of weeks left to wait...

Monday, October 04, 2004

Too Good to be True!

It seems I got carried away while checking hotel prices.

The original price was displayed in GBP to start with, not USD so they're not as cheap as I thought!

Prices have been amended.

D'Oh! :o(