Sunday, July 25, 2004

a quiet weekend...

After the excitement of the last week with my birthday celebrations, this weekend seemed very quiet and boring!  Lack of money also helped in keeping us indoors.

Friday night, after dinner in the garden, we drove to Henley on Thames for a stroll by the river.  It was quite a warm evening and there were quite a few people around and boats moored up.  At one of the impressive houses on the little island in the river someone was having a "garden party" with a jazz band playing under the gazebo.  How the other half live!

Saturday was filled up by washing, a trip into town to stock up on Dan's supplies for the long walk followed by a bike ride west along the Kennet and Avon Canal.

lorna having a rest by a lock
Having a rest by a lock

dan stands on a lock
Dan standing on one of the big locks along the canal

After dinner in the garden we resumed our "slobbing" position on the sofas in front of a dismal Saturday night TV.

Sunday was another thrilling day of chores!  Another trip into town for more supplies for Dan (things he forgot the first time round), a trip to Tescos for our weekly shop followed by a blitz of the upstairs rooms in the house.

And now it's late and the only thing left to look forward to is Monday morning, back to work with a full week ahead!  :o(

Still it's pay day on Wednesday!  :o)

L x

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

updates to lornaland...

Photos from Helen & Jade's wedding, which took place on Saturday 26th June 2004, have now been added to the photo page.
And there are also some new additions to the links page.
L x

Sunday, July 18, 2004

1000 places to see before you die...

I was given a book called, 1000 places to see before you die as a birthday present from my friend Gareth.
I've only briefly flicked through the book so far but for a travel loving girl like me it's going to be a fantastic read!
The book features places all over the world and during my quick flick I've already found that I've visited some of the places already (including Oahu, Table Mountain, The Ritz Hotel, The Eiffel Tower, Delos & Mykonos, Gubbio and Windsor Castle)
I sure hope I manage to see at least half of them in my lifetime!  Our American Adventure next year should cross a few of these off (The Bellagio, The Pacific Coast Highway and Yosemite National Park to name a few)
Thanks Gareth, I love it!  :o)
Another cool present I got was a Portable Voodoo book from Skene & Jo.  It comes complete with a voodoo doll, "magical spell pins" and some voodoo spells.  So you had better watch out, upset me and I might just stick a pin in you!  ;o)
L x


For some crazy reason (unknown to me), in August this year, Dan has decided to leave me at home and walk 130 miles over 8 days! Mad fool!

He has decided to do some good for mankind and has agreed to do the walk in order to raise some money for charity. His chosen charity is the MS Society as his younger brother was diagnosed as having MS in December 2002.

Anyway, Dan explains it better than me so I ask that you click here to find out all about it and maybe even sponsor him some money?! :o)


L x

a day at the races...

Yesterday, myself, Dan, Skene, Johnson and Vix had an enjoyable day at the races in Newbury.

The weather was nice and sunny and we sat on the grass with a picnic from our posh new picnic basket and drank some fizzy stuff while we placed a few bets.

Vix had asked her Daddy for a few tips and while they didn't always pay off she was in fact the only one of us who managed to at least break even. The rest of us all had lighter wallets. Johnson did manage to correctly pick a winner but didn't actually place a bet! D'oh!

After the racing was over, we wandered into the fair town of Newbury for a few drinks before we went off in search of food. Being a racing day everywhere was full but we eventually found space at Pizza Express.

Opting to have one last drink before heading back we missed the last train home at 10.25pm and faced the prospect of having to pay £50 for a taxi but in the end Vix managed to sweet talk a friend of hers into come and picking us up. What a hero! (and fool if you ask me!)

L x

Friday, July 16, 2004

pictures from The Ritz...

The man himself

Having a drink in Convent Garden

It's The Ritz!

Me ready to go inside for dinner

Inside The Ritz

my birthday surprise...revealed!

Well, I made it to London on time and I'm glad to say that my hair and makeup turned out fine in the end!

I met Dan at Paddington station just before 4.30pm (after being harassed by a stinky drunken tramp who wanted to squash on the seat next to me then pushed me aside when I stood up).  My first clue to the location of my surprise was that we would be going to Green Park station. The only place I knew where that was the nearest stations was Hard Rock Cafe but I was told it wasn't there ;o)

We started off with a pint of Stella and a G&T in the Reef bar to discuss the plan for the evening and eventually decided to head off towards Covent Garden.  After a wander round and a glass of red wine it was time for the mystery location to be revealed.

We arrived at Green Park tube station and I saw a sign above the exit which give the game away. My birthday surprise was... Dinner at The Ritz!

With an hour before our dinner reservation we went for a drink in The Rivoli Bar. I ordered one of their famous "Pre-Dinner Cocktails", a Ritz Medley and Dan went for a Mojito.

Soon it was time for dinner in The Restaurant which was a fantastically stunning room.

After placing our orders we were firstly greeted by a waiter with the bread trolley on which was a basket of about 6-7 different types of bread. Bewildered and confused by all the types I stuck to the white ciabatta which was sliced in front of me and then served from a silver dish while Dan decided on the tomato and olive bread.

Next came what seemed to be an expresso but in fact was an appetizer with compliments of the chef. It was a kind of fish soup which I thought wasn't too bad (not being a lover of fish) and Dan thought was very good.

Our starters were served, mine complete with a silver dome cover! I chose the Duck served with broad beans and peas while Dan opted for the Smoked Salmon served with herb blini and creme fraiche. The half of lemon was wrapped in muslin and tied with a yellow ribbon so you didn't get any pips or anything in your dinner!

For our main meal I had Lamb Cutlets while Dan had the Sirloin Steak. Both were served with chunky chips and green beans and both were absolutely gorgeous. The meal was washed down with a very nice bottle of South African Cabernet-Sauvignon.

We couldn't refuse the desserts which were as fabulous as everything else. We both went for one from the chocolate section. Mine was a chocolate and caramel creation while Dan had a chocolate fondant with raspberry ripple ice cream. Divine!

It was an absolutely fabulous night and if your credit card can survive the damage then I'd recommend everyone to go. We're already starting a collection to go again! ;o)

Thanks to Dan for arranging it for me, it's the best birthday surprise ever and I love you lots!

L xx

Thursday, July 15, 2004

just typical!

Why is it when you want things to go right, they don't! ?

It's 2.30pm and I'm hoping to catch the 3.30pm train to London for my birthday surprise. My nice new posh clothes are already to be put on but disaster has struck!

My hair hasn't gone exactly to plan but that's the least of my worries.

My face has decide for some unknown reason as it's never happened before, to come out in red blotches and it feels very itchy. I've already took off the first lot of make up because it look hideous and the 2nd attempt isn't much better. On top of that, because I'm starting to flap around I'm getting hot so the bits that aren't blotchy are becoming red!

Why does it always happen when you want to look nice? If I was going to work then my hair and make-up would have decide to go on perfectly.

Bloody typical!

Anyway, I must get on. I'm starting to get excited now. Check back later to find out where I went! :o)

L xx

happy birthday to me!

Yeah! Today is my birthday and I've decided to take the day off and indulge myself in shopping and beauty treatments! Bliss!

This afternoon I will be venturing into London for my birthday surprise with Dan. I don't know what it is yet but I'm very excited! All I know is it's a very posh meal somewhere in London.

I'll let you know all about it tomorrow.

The Birthday Girl xxx

welcome to lornaland!

Today is a very important day, is launched to the world! It also happens to be my 27th birthday! :o)

I hope you enjoy lornaland...
L x
PS.  feel free to make a comment.