Saturday, September 30, 2006


We had a little soiree last night which ended up into a karaoke session thanks to Debbie & Jason and Singstar!


God knows what the neighbours thought, 7 mad people singing at the tops of their voices (rather badly too for the most part) until around 1.00am!

Very fun evening though.

L x

Monday, September 25, 2006

happy dan & lorna day...

Happy Dan & Lorna Day to all the Dan and Lorna’s around the world :o)

We’re off for a meal tonight to Santa Fe. We haven’t been for ages and thought it was somewhere different. Last time we went was for Dan’s 26th birthday!

L x

Sunday, September 17, 2006

robbie williams...

Me and Debbie went to see Robbie Williams at Milton Keynes Bowl last night, courtesy of Judith & Richard :o)

Orson and Basement Jaxx were the support and were both very good. I was very surprised to find that I like loads of Basement Jaxx's songs!

Robbie finally appeared on stage at 8.30pm. There was a mix of old and new songs and a couple I'd not heard of but were obviously well known by real fans who happily sang along.

Robbie was joined on stage at one point by his best mate Jonny Wilkes who sang "Me and My Shadow" with him from Robbie's "Swing when you're winning" album and a karaoke version of Strong, plus lots of fooling around.

Great night!

L x

Friday, September 15, 2006

friends in the right places...

Sat at work yesterday I got a text from a friend...
"I have 2 free tickets to see robbie williams in Milton Keynes tomorrow night, do you want them?"

Erm... yes!

Turns out it was for Saturday night not Friday but that's no problem, i'm free then too! So, the tickets are winging their way to me now and if Royal Mail keep their promise, they'll be delivered to my door by 1pm tomorrow :o)

All i've got to do is make the drive to and from Milton Keynes tomorrow. Shouldn't be too bad as long as the traffic isn't too bad ;o)

L x

busy weekend...

Last night’s venue for Friday night drinks was the Brewery Tap where we met Debbie & Jason.

Busy day today, heading over to Newbury for Isabella’s 1st Birthday party this afternoon before me and Debbie head over to Milton Keynes for the Robbie gig.

L x

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

home alone...

Dan has left me! :o( Fear not, he'll be back with his tail between his legs soon enough...

He's actually gone with Johnson to stay at my Mam's for a couple of nights. The company has shut down the Sunderland office (my old place of work) and they were having a leaving night out. Not ones to miss out on an adventure, off up North they went.

I wasn't able to make it due to holidays hence i'm home alone.

I should be tidying the house or something equally constructive but instead I have a glass of martini in my hand and am chilling out.

L x

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

vegas baby...

It's 9 months today til we're off to Vegas and already I am very very excited!

I'm already reading the Vegas forum of tripadvisor every waking moment and checking hotel prices every 5 minutes and I still have another 302 days to go (no, i'm not counting...)

There's not too much to do for Vegas, we've already secured good rates at the hotel and i've made a spreadsheet of all the local hotels to keep track of the rates for those who want cheaper accommodation. Not all the hotels have published their rates for July yet, i'm just getting prepared. The price of hotels will almost certainly come down in price nearer the time when they bring out their summer specials but at least we'll all be guaranteed a hotel with a good rate. Our flights still need sorted but we need to finalise our plan for extending our trip before we can do that.

What I should be is excited for Sri Lanka, afterall that 's only 5 months away but it's all booked and planned so there's not a lot for me to do. I am excited for the trip but half of my excitement comes from the planning and saying as Sri Lanka is a package holiday, someone else has done all the planning.

L x



We had a naughty visit to Wagamama's on Monday evening.

Dan had been of to one of his bug talks on Thames Valley Business Park and bumped into Tim (yes, he is still alive!) so dragged him off for a couple of beers at the David Lloyd bar.

Of course one drink lead to another and soon bellies were rumbling and food was a good idea. It's a long time since i've been in (well over a year). I was starting to think the menu was a little boring, same old things when I spotted something new (or at least something i'd not seen before) - ebi raisukaree, wok-fried tiger prawns in a coconut and lime curry sauce with ginger, galangal, chillies, coriander, red and green peppers, red onions and snow peas. served with japanes rice and garnished with a wedge of lime. It was delicious!

After dinner we headed over to the Slug and Lettuce for a couple more drinks before bed.

Of course we made plans to see Tim again but it'll be at least another 4 months til we do ;o)

L x

Sunday, September 10, 2006

more holiday planning...

Never content with having one exotic holiday planned, I've been on a mission to book another for 2007!

It's my big 3-0 next year you see and I really want to be away for it. My dream destination was Las Vegas with a group of friends but as my birthday is in July, I thought it would be too expensive for everyone. I'd already had a quote for a Virgin flight at over £700 just for the flight!

So, at the beginning of the week, I started my search for a new destination. This was the difficult bit saying as July is either monsoon, hurricane or just plain "off-season" at most of the exotic destinations. We first started to look at Dubai which while baking hot offered a luxury lifestyle. Just what Lorna's like. Next up was Mauritius. An exotic beach location which although being it's "winter" season would be hot, relatively dry and only winds causing the main concern. Then we eventually moved onto Barbados. Initiallyy we dismissed it as July is hurricane season in the Caribbean but after further investigation, we found that Barbados misses out on the hurricanes so would be an ideal place. We'd even found a lovely little hotel which offered the all-inclusive package but had only 23 bedrooms. It looked fab and we both fell in love with the idea of going there.

Then my fingers got twitchy and I just happened to look at how much Vegas in July would cost. So, onto Expedia and I was shocked to see they had a package to Vegas, staying at TI for only £725 per person! I started to look at pricing it up as a package separately and realised it was much less than we guessed.

Information gathered, I mailed some friends to test the water about the prices and got a positive response. So positive in fact that 2 of them went into work the next day and booked the time of work!

So that's it. I'll definately be in Vegas for my 30th birthday! Not sure where we're staying yet. We have reservations at both TI and Bellagio. If everyone books TI we'll stay there. If everyone does their own thing and books elsewhere then we'll be living it up in the Bellagio.

I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited!! And only 10 months to wait... :oP

L x

Saturday, September 09, 2006

friday night...

Friday night and it was off into town for some drinkies.

Debbie & Jason were out with some of Debbie’s work friends so we were gonna meet up with them after a couple of drinks in the Slug however they texted to say they were moving just as we got into town however they were moving to the Turtle so we let them go and just headed off by ourselves. The Slug was rammed so we opted for Old Orleans instead.

After a yummy Cosmo or 2 we gave in and decided to head over and meet them.

L x

Thursday, September 07, 2006

midweek drinks...

Met up with Debbie, Jason, George and Richard in Great Expectations for a few drinks last night. Venue was chosen so that Jason could watch the match :o)

L x