Tuesday, February 28, 2006

pancake day...

Happy Pancake Day! Mmm, yummy pancakes!

We went off to Tesco at the weekend to purchase all the ingredients to make pancakes but we were invited to a pancake party at Mike's house so we're off their instead. We can save ours for tomorrow night :o)

L x

Sunday, February 26, 2006

match of the day...

I left Dan home alone yesterday and headed off to the Madjeski Stadium to see Reading take on Preston North End.

It was a good first half with Reading winning 2-1 at half-time. There was a bit of an incident on the pitch with one of the Reading players having to be stretchered off (although when the stretcher finally arrived, he decided to hobble off instead!)

The second half wasn't quite so exciting, the game finished with Reading winning 2-1.

And Reading are looking good for promotion at the end of the season so I may venture back to see some real football! ;o)

L x

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the 2006 plan...

Our main new year's resolution this year was to pay off as much debt as possible.

In therory, it is not an impossible task and we were both feeling very confident about the whole thing. However, only 2 months in, it seems that things are not going according to plan.

In the short 2 months, we've had to pay for our holiday in May (although we did budget for this), been hit by a bill for unblocking the drain (which makes Dan very angry) and to top it off, we need a new computer after Fred the laptop finally gave up on life.

So, instead of saving, we're having to do a lot of spending. It does look like things should still be on tract for us to complete the plan, it's just a little disheartening that this month, it's gonna go up and not down.

A little bit of positive thinking is required...

L x

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


I haven't posted for a while so here's what's been going on...

Our Greek holiday in May 2006 is now all paid for and there's just over 11 weeks until we go! I better start trying to loose some weight to be able to be seen in public in my bikini! ;o)

Of course, now that holiday is all booked up I have nothing to do so have spent many a night and weekend scouring the vast amount of brochures I now pocess and trawling the internet looking for our next holiday in 2007! I think we've pretty much got our hearts set on where we want to go, I've now just got to make sure we can afford it.

And it looks like 2007 could be a busy year. I'm 30 next year and really want to go away for my birthday so yet another holiday could be looming! If it was down to me, i'd have them all booked by now! Of course, I have to decide where I want to go. I'd also like friends to come along so my idea of being in Vegas for my birthday may not go down so well, or at least the £2000pp price tag won't!

Around July time I started playing about with a new gallery for my website which involved me painstakingly uploaded all the old photos one-by-one. I was making progress but I soon decided I don't like the look of my website as it is and started to give it a whole new look.
I was determined to have the new look and USA blog done in time for the new year but it's now February and it still isn't complete. It's still a work in progress but I want it to look good which is taking a very long time and with so many photos to sort out, I can't tell when it's gonna be finished. Maybe in time for it's 2 year anniversary in July? :o)

Been to see a couple of films in the last few weeks - Fun with Dick and Jane and Derailed.
Normally, Jim Carrey films bug me as they tend to just involve him being stupid but I have to say, I did enjoy Fun with Dick and Jane.
Derailed was excellent. It was strange to see Jennifer Aniston in a serious role but she did it well.
With Orange Wednesday's still about and Old Orleans offering 2-4-1 on meals from Monday to Thursday, I think we may be off to the cinema a bit more :o)

The Long Walk
You may recall Dan walking 130 miles along the South West Coast path from Minehead to Bude in 2004. Well, it's been 2 years and they're off to do it again! This time they'll continue from Bude and finish at Lands End.
Dan's been on a recruiting drive and managed to talk Debbie and Jason into coming and as Debbie won't be walking, I'd have someone to keep me company during the day so has managed to talk me into being the full-time driver.
On the plus side, the walk goes through Port Isaac which for fans of the TV show Doc Martin like me, Portwen :o) Very exciting.

L x