Saturday, April 22, 2006

new phone...

Got myself a new phone today, a Nokia 6111 in pink! :o)


L x

Sunday, April 09, 2006

birthday baboons go ape...

After months of talk, the day finally arrived for us to Go Ape!

We arrived at 12.30pm, ready for our 1.00pm booking. After reading the safety information and filling in the forms to confirm we knew it was dangerous we gathered for the safety briefing. It all seemed straight forward and soon we were off on our own!

The course is set into four "sites". You climb a ladder to the top of the tree and then complete all the sections before jumping off down on the very long and very fun zip line! It's very tiring but great fun.

I managed to attempt all the obstacles, even attempting the big black ones although got a bit stuck on the styrip one. It's Evil!

After Go Ape, we headed back to the House of Henry via supermarkets for booze and ordered some pizza (though not enough!)

After pizza and beer we headed into town. First stop was the Back of Beyond, a good old Wetherspoons pub. After a couple of drinks they decided to ID some of the group and refuse them service (me included at the age of 28!) so we took our custom elsewhere, namely the Outlook next door.

When time came, most people headed home but the hard-core amongst us headed off to the Purple Turtle for another drink.

We finally headed home via the Subway (due to Modi's being closed!) and then it was off to bed.

We forgot to take our camera with us and have yet to see the photos took by others.

L x

Thursday, April 06, 2006

birthday treat...

We went out for dinner last night to celebrate Dan's birthday.

I had planned to take him to the Bel and Dragon but they were fully booked for the evening with a private function. I also tried the London Street Brasserie but they too were booked up with a private function! Very annoying.

In the end, we settled on going to a "normal" restaurant and saving the posh nosh to the end of the month, double treat!

We started the evening at our favorite place - Sahara Bar, for cocktails and then headed over to La Tasca for some tapas.

We dined on a variety of dishes from the menu with some fresh bread and washed down with a bottle of Rioja:

  • Ensalda de Tomate y Queso de Cabra- a salad of tomato and goats cheese with olive oil vinaigrette
  • Chorizo frito al Vino - spicy spanish sausage pan fried in red wine
  • Costillas de Cerdo - pork spare rib in a tangy sauce
  • Gambas Gabardina - king prawns deep fried in our special batter, with garlic mayonnaise
  • Cordero en Salsa - casserole of lamb with wine, potatoes, mustard and peppercorns
  • Patatas Bravas - deep fried potatoes in a spicy sauce
After dinner, we were going to head back for more yummy cocktails in Sahara Bar but we were very full and tired that we headed home and had some birthday cake while watching TV.

L x

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

happy 28th birthday dan...

Happy Birthday to my Dan!

Hope you have a lovely day and enjoy your meal tonight :o)

L x

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

cycling to work...

With just over 4 weeks to go till our holidays my "bikini body" is still in need of some work so this morning, after months of nagging by Dan, I finally decided to cycle to work.

We're lucky to have nice showers at work so the plan was to get up at 7.00am, have half an hour to sort myslef, cycle to work and then shower when I got here.

The sun was shining as I set off at 7.40am and I was at my desk by 8.05am! 20 minutes of excercise first thing! I saw quite a few follow cyclists as well as joggers and dog walkers.

I'll be cycling back tonight and maybe i'll do it again on Thursday!

L x

Sunday, April 02, 2006

booze fuelled weekend...

Having been "sober" for 2 nights, it was about time we hit the pub again! :oP

The original plan for Friday was to have a poker night but we ended up going to the pub instead. Tonights pub was the Hop Leaf, our new local. I wondered what to have and then noticed the massive fruit wine list and decided to give one a go. I started off with Cranberry which was very tasty, after a couple more glasses of different flavours I soon forgot that I was drinking wine and was matching the boys drink for drink. Not a good thing! Although I like wine, i've learnt it doesn't like me and can't drink a lot of it. I went through various flavours of wine and ended up on parsnip wine! Once at home I fell asleep on the sofa and that's where I was at 7.30am the next morning!

Saturday was an early start for Dan and a lazy lie-in for me. Johnson had stayed they night and the boys were off to the Sodbury Sortout for the day.

I went into town in the afternoon for some retail therapybefore heading over to Newbury in the evening for a curry and more beers although I stayed on the cokes and drove us home when the pub shut.

L x