Sunday, November 26, 2006

new car...

We bought a new car on Saturday - a big red shiny Ford Mondeo.

I like to think it's got a private reg, the first 2 letters of the number plate are LM :o)


L x

Thursday, November 16, 2006

happy birthday richard...

Happy Birthday Richard - 26 today!

L x

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

spurs v reading...

My big brother came to visit for the weekend as Spurs were playing Reading at the Madejksi Stadium. Unfortunately, after his train tickets were all booked, we found out he'd been unsuccessful in getting a ticket. So with the tickets booked and paid for, he decided to come down anyway and make a weekend of it.

He arrived on Friday evening £120 lighter. Seems he'd booked the tickets for the wrong weekend and had to buy new ones! Friday night was a quiet affair with an Indian takeaway feast and some beers before bed.

Saturday morning breakfast was leftover curry and soon we were on our way to the pub for the first time that weekend. Dan stayed behind to do some work while me and Neil headed to the Brewery Tap to watch the rugby. England lost.

After a quick change we were headed back out for the evening. First stop, Sweeney Todds for pie! We then hit the pubs of Reading which were very empty. First stop was The Monks, followed by Walkabout, O'Neills, Bar Four and then up to Reflex.

After a full English on Sunday morning it was time to head to the pub again ready for the match at 1.30pm. We were planning on going back to the Brewery Tap but opted for the Hook & Tackle instead as they had a few Spurs posters and flags behind the bar. It turns out that the landlady (who it turns out is not the evil landlady who drove us away) is a Spurs fanatic and although Spurs lost, there was many a Spurs tune blasting out of the jukebox and much singing. Free bowl of chilli too. So now the landlady is Neil's best friend and he managed to a couple of free pints too.

Sunday evening was spent in front of the TV with a Chinese takeaway feast and Neil was back on the train home on Monday morning.

L x

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i'm a celebrity...

The line up for the new series of "I'm a celebrity get me out of here" has been anounced ready for the start on Monday.

I watched a few shows of the first and second series but got bored and annoyed at watching so called celebrities. I like Big Brother, but then I know i'm watching normal (weird) people. I'd probably like "i'm a celebrity" if they had normal people in it. I just find it annoying when they call them celebrities but they aren't

But, having said that, I will probably be watching one or two shows this year, Jason Donovan is in it! :o)


L x

Monday, November 06, 2006

fireworks and pie...

Another weekend, another trip to the pub and another pie!

The weekend started on Friday when we went out for pizza. It took a while to make a decision between Pizza Hut (Dan) or Pizza Express (me). In the end, Dan and price won and off to Pizza Hut we went. The pizza was very nice and we had 2 starters (only becuase it was buy-one-get-one-half price) wsahed down with unlimted coke! I would like to appologise to our friendly waitress for not leaving a tip. We did appreciate the discount you gave us and the service was good, we just didn't have any change! Sorry!

Dan's brother arrived on Saturday afternoon and off we went to the pub. We came back around 7pm to check out the street fireworks party which turned out to atract quite a crowd. There was a bbq and mulled wine on the go too. The fireworks were fab, they'd certainly shelled out some money on them.


We left early to meet Tim at the pie shop, Dan's new favorite place. After a yummy pie (steak and ale again!) we had a quick drink before heading home.


L x

Thursday, November 02, 2006

scary pumpkins...

Check out our scary halloween pumpkins...


L x

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

southern anniversary...

I've now been down south for 4 years!

L x

tapas for a tenner...

La Tasca have started "Tapas for a Tenner" eat as much as you like on a Tuesday night and we were there to enjoy it!

Myself, Dan, Debbie, Jason, George & Richard had a massive feast of food. We joked when we got there about ordering 1 of everything on the menu but at the end of the night we realised that we have done that bar the vegtables, salads and paellas!

I did start to wonder earlier in the day whether the offer was worth it but we certainly got our tenner's worth eating lots of yummy food washed down with red wine and sangria.

After dinner, we popped next door to the Allied Arms for a swift pint and much hilarity due to our artistic impressions of each other.

L x