Tuesday, April 19, 2005


It's been a while since I've posted so I thought I'd better write something!

I'm sure I've done lots since my last post but I can't be bothered to search though my diary to write some back dated posts. Sorry!

I will however give you a run down of past events off the top of my head;

  • Dan's Birthday - Dan was 27th at the beginning of April. We had already that with limited finances this year due to the American Adventure we would get presents related to the holiday with a £50 budget. So, I scoured the internet and found the perfect present, a Helicopter Ride over New York! He was very pleased! We also went out for dinner, starting off with cocktails in the Sahara Bar before a very nice meal in La Tasca.
  • Devon - We had a trip to the caravan in Dartmouth for the weekend at Little Cotton Caravan Park. It's a nice break and the weather wasn't too bad. We watched some boat races and we decided that it'd be good to do something like that. We enjoyed a very nice cream tea at the little tea shop next to the castle before we went into the castle for a look round. Apart from that, the weekend was spent slobbing around the caravan, eating food, drinking beer & wine and playing a marathon session of monopoly! Fab!

  • Pubs - There have been a few trips to the pub, what else is there to do on a Friday night! We've got into the habit of going to The Monks due to cheapness and then venturing over to O'Neills cos it's opposite, free to get in and is open late. Last week we decided on a change and went to the The Brewery Tap, The Horn (don't ask) and Pavlov's Dog. It was a fun night from what I can remember!
Me & Dan

Ron & Becca

Debbie & Jason

  • Dancing - We're busy practicing for our dancing show on 15th May. We're dancing to "I'm in Heaven" and we just finished it tonight. Only 3 more weeks before the show to polish it off!
  • Sport - I decided that I'd like to get out and about more so have been looking around at what sports or activities I could do and who I could rope in to come with me. I already have my dancing on a Tuesday night and decided that I'd like to do trampolining again. No one was interested in trampolining but Deb fancied doing something and we came up with badminton (don't ask my how or why) Anyway, we're off for our first game tomorrow evening. The sports centre hire out rackets so we thought we'd try before we buy. Still in search of things to do I enquired about trampolining but the clubs make you pay for a block of sessions up front and I also decided it was too much with everything else I wanted to do. I also had a look for a rowing club near us after we watched the racing in Dartmouth, we thought it looked fun. There is one, it's just too expensive for us! :o( Well, it's not actually expensive when you break it down, but it's expensive in the fact that you have to pay a couple of hundred pound each up front. So for now, I've got badminton and dancing to keep me occupied.
  • Garden - We had a trip to B&Q at the weekend to buy some plants for the garden. We seem to have mis-calculated slightly though as we now have flowers everywhere! We even had to start planting them in any small plastic pot we could find. We picked only plants which flower in summer so we can enjoy them more.
I'm sure we've done more exciting things but at this moment, they escape me! :oP

L x

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

happy 27th birthday dan...

Happy Birthday Dan who is 27 today!

Hope you have a fab day and you liked your present :o)

L x