Tuesday, May 31, 2005

weekend in dartmouth...

Just back from a long weekend at the caravan in Dartmouth with Debbie, Jason, Johnson & Frankie.

Had lots of fun and did plenty of eating, drinking and playing! We played in the amusements, had go kart races and went crabbing!


The rest of the photos can be seen here.

L x

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

kylie concert...

Went to Earls Court last night to see Kylie's Showgirls tour! :o)

It was the last Christmas present I had and Dan was supposed to accompany me but due to coming down with a horrible contagious illness, I needed a replacement. Stacey had no problems filling his place!

We left work at 4pm and after a quick changed, headed into town to the station. We made it to London just after 5pm and wandered round Paddington looking for somewhere to eat. We finally settled on The Dickens Tavern which promoted itself as London's longest bar. And to be fair, it was a long bar!

The food was very nice and surprisingly cheap for London prices. I had the steak and onion sandwich on a rosemary and sea salt foccacia while Stacey went for the chicken with sweet chilli sauce with a side order of chips to share. Very good for only £10.45! :o) And washed down with a very nice double G&T which was all paid for by Stacey as a thank you for the ticket. Your welcome! ;o)

After dinner, we headed off to Earls Court. Once inside we waited for the main show to begin. It was a fab show and although our seats had a bit of a resticted view, we had a great time dancing away.

After the concert, we thought we'd get stuck but amazingly, we made it back to Reading in record time. We left Earls Court at 10.40pm and we stood waiting for a taxi at Reading station at 11.40pm!

A brilliant night :o)

L x

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

dan's got the mumps...

Dan woke up on Monday complaining of an aching jaw. By the evening, his face had swollen up and his throat was painful.

A phonecall to nhs direct confirmed our suspicions, and a trip to the doctors today agreed that he's go the mumps!

Who knows where he picked it up from. But he's contagious so has to be in "quarantine" for at least a week. And, because food is very painful, he's on a water only diet! :o(


Get well soon Dan!

L x

Monday, May 02, 2005

the first bbq...

Yeah! What a fab bank holiday weekend! With hot and sunny weather, there was nothing to do but have a bbq! :o)

Ron and Becca had stayed over after the beer festival and predicted the weather would be nice so had brought some posh sausages from the posh butchers in Oxford - Beef & Mustard, Venison & something and Spicy Cajun! They proved they're a perfect pair by discussing the fine quality of the sausages and beer! Heehee!

Unfortunately for me and Debbie, we had to leave the party for a couple of hours and go to WORK! :o(

Lets hope it's the first of many! :o)

L x

Sunday, May 01, 2005

reading beer festival...

It's that time of year again, the Reading Beer Festival! :o)

Me, Dan, Johnson, Frankie, Ron and Becca met up at the House of Henry at 3pm and arrived at the beer festival site sometime close to 4pm. The sunny weather must have dragged people out cos when we arrived, the que headed up towards Tesco! Skene was stuck on a train from Waterloo due to maintenance work and broken trains. After a mere hours que, we finally made it in.

Last year we went on the Sunday which is the last day and there was very little cider left so this year, we thought we'd go a day earlier. The cider bar looked a little disappointing but turned out to have a reasonable selection. I even managed to try the winning cider and the winning perry along with a few of the finalists. All very good! :o)


In the absence of Jo, Skene could eat a roast hog sandwich without feeling guilty and no sooner had we walked through the door, he was in the que! Ron and Becca went for something a bit different and had wild boar and bison while me and Dan stuck with roast lamb and mint sauce. We also met up with Richard and Mr Selly and Sarah.

We left the festival and headed into town to meet up with Debbie and Jason for a last drink before heading home to sit in the garden and chat until the early hours.

Very fun (and drunken) day!

L x