Monday, October 31, 2005

one year ago...

One year ago today we booked our flights to America!

Time has flown. I can't believe that we've been back a month already! All the planning and preperation we did seems like yesterday.

And now I've got itchy feet and want to book our holiday for next year :o) It's all chosen, we're going to Lefkas in Greece from the 14th t0 28th May, staying at the Nefeli Appartments in Nidri.

Lefkas, one of the Ionian Islands

Nefeli Apartments in Nidri
Nefeli Studios.jpg

All we need now is the deposit money to be able to book it but Eddie the Escort has taken all our money this month for his car tax.

L x

happy halloween...


We didn't have a pumpkin this year, instead we had some very strange vegtables which Dan greew in the garden. Pictures will follow.

And we got sweeties at work too - jelly pumpkins, bats, cats and moons and a witch and a frog lolly :o)

L x

My scary vegtable thing

With Dan's creations

Sunday, October 30, 2005

a meal for two...

We went out for dinner last night, my treat!

We started the night off in my favorite bar - Sahara Bar. One round, 2 cocktails was £11.50 so we only had the one but they were very nice. We were intending to go to Il Gusto, an Italian restaurant but the cravings for Chinese food overcame us and we headed off to the Shanpan.

Normally, we find the restaurant empty (though I don't why, it's the best Chinese in Reading) but tonight we were told they were fully booked, Chinese Elvis was appearing later and they'd sold out!) So instead, we headed upstairs to Pranakhon, the Thai restaurant.

We ordered our usual - the £16.50 per person special menu and again we weren't disappointed.

After dinner, we headed back to the Sahara Bar for a quick cocktail before heading off to the Slug and Lettuce for a few more drinks before bed.

Of course this now means I've spent all my money for the month but hey, it was a good night ;o)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

bizarre police behavior...

We wandered into town on Saturday for a mooch about and noticed there was quite a lot of police about. Reading were obviously at home.

On our way home, we saw 2 police on horses with about 8 other policemen on foot walking a small group of lads along. Then the bizarre behavior happened.

When they got to the end of the main road, they turned and walked them along by the canal. Hmm, they're going to our house we thought. Then, instead of turning off, they started to walk into the underpass (nearer to our house) Surely the 2 on horses won't go under there we thought, oh yes they did! Once through the tunnel, they then ushered them inside the pub! Our local pub!

We'd decided they were obviously some boisterous away fans that the police were helping on their way to the stadium. But why would you usher them into a pub out of town?

Very strange behavior!

L x

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

a trip to the pub...

We went to the pub again last night to help cure the Monday Blues.

We've given up on our local, The Hook and Tackle since new managers took over and have transformed a quiet, fun local pub into a wannabe town centre pub. They've added huge TV's in every corner, play the loudest music ever and offer shooter and cocktails. What ever happened to a nice local pub with nice beer and a cosy, friendly atmosphere?

So tonight we ventured off to our new local, the Hop Leaf. It's further to walk but is just what a local should be. They good variety of real ales to keep Mr T happy (they are owned by the Hop Back Brewery) and to keep me happy, they have 2 good ciders on draft :o)

We couldn't persuade anyone to leave the house on a Monday night this time so we went on our own.

L x

Saturday, October 22, 2005

poker night...

It's been a very long time since the House of Henry hosted a poker night but after the fun we had in Vegas, I couldn't wait to play again. And that's what we did on Friday night.

There was just the 6 of us - Me, Dan, Jason, Debbie, Ron & Becca. We ordered in some pizza (or should I say a lot) and had a few beers and played some poker.

We played a few hands for money, the first one was 50p each WTO and the second went up to a massive £1 each WTO! I won one game and Jason won the other, unfortunately, I won the 50p game ;oP

So, when's the next one?

L x

Monday, October 17, 2005

happy birthday mammy...

Happy Birthday to my Mammy who's ?8 today :o)

L x

got the job...

I have a new job! I found out today that they want to offer me the job and have also offered a wee bit more money than I thought :o)

Now all i've got to do is sort out leaving my current job early.

And tonight we're off to the pub to celebrate!

L x

Thursday, October 13, 2005


My rash is still as bad as ever so today I decided I'd take myself of the docs to see if I could find out what my lurgy was.

And now, I'm still not any the wiser :oP It looks and sounds like an allergy rash but what i'm having an allergic reaction to is anybody's guess! But the doc has given me some stronger anti-histamine pills which will hopefully work.

L x

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

back to dancing...

It was my first day back to dancing tonight after a staggering 11 weeks off!

It felt very strange and I felt like the new girl but I soon but I got into it.

And now i've got to learn 3 dances ready for my medal test in December! Ahhh!

L x

Monday, October 10, 2005

itchy rash...

I woke up this morning to find my legs completely covered from top to bottom in a very red and blotchy rash. And of course it's very itchy :o(

L x

Sunday, October 09, 2005

dave and shou's wedding...

Our first weekend back in England and we're already away for the weekend.

We were invited to Dave & Shou's wedding this weekend at the Bedford Swan Hotel in Bedford. Due to numbers at the registery office, we were meeting the happy couple at the hotel for their arrival at 3.00pm.

We arrived at the hotel at 2.00pm and checked in. The hotel was right on the river and we were lucky to have a view of it form our room. The hotel was very nice, with lots of exposed old bricks.

The Bride & Groom

Guests - Frankie, Georgie, Johnson, Gareth & Dan

Dinner was served about 4.30pm and was very tasty. For starter we had smoked salmon & smoked haddock (which due to my "fish allergy" Dan enjoyed double helpings of) followed by rack of lamb on a bed of creamed leeks with roast potatoes, cheesey potatoes, sugar snap peas, cauliflower and peppers which I particularity liked due to the fact that for once in my life I could actually eat everything on my plate! For dessert we had a merignue nest filled with strawberries.

After the meal the room was transformed into a dance floor and we spent the night boogying away although it took the good old Hokey Kokey to get everyone on the dance floor.

The first dance

Me and Dan take to the floor

Me and Dan

After nightcaps of whiskey and brandy in the hotel bar, we staggered up to bed at 2.00am.

Being pikeys and not wanting to pay the £12pp they charged for breakfast, we said goodbye to the happy couple before wandering off the greasy spoon round the corner for breakfast.

L x

happy birthday big brother...

My big brother is 32 today.

Happy Birthday! Hope you liked your present bought specially for you in the USA :o)

L x

Friday, October 07, 2005

2nd interview...

Looks like the good vibes worked as i've been asked back for a 2nd interview with the CEO!

Interview is on Friday 14th October.

Wish me luck!

L x

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Back at work for only 2 days and i've already handed in my notice! :oP

I have no job to go to so the decision to leave was a tough one but I have a 3 month notice period and with it, i'm un-employable.

Good news is, I had a job interview today for a job I think sounds really good so I need lots of crossed fingers!

L x

Sunday, October 02, 2005

back in england...

Well, we did it! :o)

Had a fab time on our American Adventure. It really didn't feel like we were away for a whole month, I didn't want to come back!

You can read snippets of our trip on our American Blog. The holiday journals will take some time but as soon as they're done, i'll let you know.

L x