Sunday, October 31, 2004

general knowledge...

Went to the pub quiz again tonight and either I'm really thick or it really was hard!

I think I only knew the answers to about 5 of them, one being a question about Auf Wiedersehen Pet which if I hadn't of got right, there'd definitely be no hope for me.

On the positive side though, the quiz seemed to stump everyone. Each round took ages to get a winner so at least I know it's not just me.

Better start swotting up for next week!

L x

happy halloween...

Happy Halloween!

Meet our scary pumpkins...

The Pumpkin Family

My scary pumpkin

With Dan's scary pumpkins (grown by Dan from our pumkin last year!)

L x

Saturday, October 30, 2004

change of plans...

Tonight we were supposed to be going to see a band at The 3B's however, plans have changed.

The gig has been cancelled. The reason for the cancellation is quite bad, the bass player's Dad died last night. Very sad.

So, tonight will be spent slobbing in front of the TV, drinking lots of NON alcoholic beverages!

L x

friday night drinking...

We started the weekend with a night of drinking and dancing.

We met in O'Neills and ended up staying there for the night. It was quite cheap. Just before 10.30pm we decided we should move on and thought we could get into Reflex for free No such luck, they charged us £5 to get in and no amount of moaning did us any good.

I've always wanted to go to Reflex as it's the 80's bar (seems they changed the Flares 70's bars into Reflex 80's bars.

Reflex was good, playing lots of songs you could sing and dance around to though I was bit upset that they played lots of 70's and 90's music!

Just as they called last orders at 1.50am we decided to head home, via the kebab shop!

L x

Friday, October 29, 2004

it's friday night...

And that means another night out! :o)

This is getting to be quite a habit though I am not complaining (although I have to admit the thought of 3 nights out in a row is a bit tiring!)

Tonight we're off into town, meeting at O'Neills. After that, who knows!

All I need to do is decide what to wear and then get ready. I've only got 3 hours!

L x

Thursday, October 28, 2004

shark tale...

Last night me, Dan, Stacey, Debbie and Jason went off to see Shark Tale.

I really enjoyed it although I wasn't totally impressed with the leading character, Oscar played by Will Smith.

I much prefered Lenny, the vegetarian Shark, son of the mafia style shark boss, Lino. He was the true star of the film. I especially liked him when he was pretending to be a dolphin. I want Lenny to be my friend! :o)

It'll certainly get added to my DVD collection when it gets released!

L x

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

no dancing...

No dancing tonight as it's half-term.

That means there's only 5 more lessons before my medal test! I haven't done a medal test since I was about 14 so it seems a bit scary. Apparently, It's not as strict as kids medals. You go in in groups of 4 though you are still marked individually. We've got 3 dances to learn, I'm fine with 2 of them, it's the actual dance one I' m unsure of.

So, with no dancing tonight and not much food in the cupboards now there's only 2 days before pay day what more was there to do than get a takeaway curry! Yum! :o)

This week looks busy. So far, we're out Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night!

L x

Sunday, October 24, 2004

very lazy weekend...

This weekend has been very lazy!

Saturday we spent most of the day in front of the computer or the TV. We did venture into town around 5.00pm for a wander. Dan got a new phone and I got a new pair of jeans.

After town, we went back to the computer and the TV for a while before dinner which we ate in front of the TV! After CSI, it was back to playing The Sims and then it was time for bed.

Today has been pretty much the same as Saturday although we haven't ventured out of the house at all. We were supposed to be off to the pub quiz tonight but have decided against it due to lack of funds all round!

Dinner is now cooking and I guess after that it'll be back to the TV and computer before bed and work tomorrow!

L x

Saturday, October 23, 2004

busy week...

This week has proved to be somewhat on the busy side.

On Wednesday Dan went for a walk with his Dad and Stepmam, Jos to the Chilterns. In the evening, they came back to Reading and took us our for dinner. After a big conflab about where to eat (the walkers had eaten a rather big lunch and weren't feeling too hungry) we decided on Tapas so headed off to one of my favourite restaurants, La Tasca.

When the food finally arrived, the table was packed, with every spare inch filled with delicious food. We had;
  • chicken in white wine & garlic sauce
  • caserole of lamb in white wine, potatoes, mustard & peppercorns
  • fried potatoes sauteed with onions red & green peppers
  • chorizo sausage pan fried in red wine
  • grilled pork loin marinated with paprika & garlic, served on toasted bread
  • toasted bread topped with smoked salmon & cream cheese served with fresh lemon
  • meatballs served with vegetable and tomato sauce
  • a selection of cured Spanish meats
  • squid coated in batter, deep fried & served with garlic mayonnaise
  • and some bread and olives
All of it was very yummy! After dinner, we said goodbye and headed back home, via the local for a quick nightcap.

On Thursday night, we invited Skene over for a few drinks and some dinner before he heads off on his "holiday". Johnson and Georgie came too. After scoffing a deliciuous dinner of lasagne, washed down with 3 bottles of wine, we headed off to the local. 3 house double gin & tonics later we returned home for more drinking and chatting. At 1.30am I gave up and went to bed, leaving Dan & Skene to carry on.

Friday morning came far too soon. Not a good idea to start work at 8.00am!

We had no plans for Friday night this week and boy was I glad! Greasey food was calling us so we naughtily went to the Istanbul Grill for kebab and chips! The rest of the evening was spent either in front of the TV or the computer. At 11.30pm I completely gave up and went to bed where I was asleep within seconds...

L x

Monday, October 18, 2004

reading pubs...

I am addicted to this website - Reading Pubs.

Two lads are on a mission to drink at least a pint in every pub within a two mile radius of Reading town centre.

They also provide good reviews of each pub including what kind of beer they serve.

Their mission to drink in all the pubs by 31st December 2004 doesn't look like it'll happen though.

Nice one lads, it's interesting stuff. You've got me hooked! :o)

L x

pub quiz...

Last night we went to the pub quiz at The Hook and Tackle with George and Richard.

It was a pub quiz with a difference, kind of like a cross between a pub quiz and bingo. Everyone gets a score card which have different numbered questions on and if you have that numbered question, you can answer it. There's 2 lots of prizes up for grabs, the first to get the "Top 2 Bottom 2" and a "Block of 6". We did manage to have a go at trying to win a couple of times but our answers were never fully correct!

The last game also had the "Jackpot" round. If you got the top, middle and bottom question within the first 5 questions asked you could win £200.

Luck was on me last night and the 5th question asked gave me my 3rd jackpot question. The questions I had to answer were;

1. What was the name of Captain Pugwash's ship?
2. What is the minimum age a US President can be?
3. Which MP was killed by a car bomb in 1990?

Unfortunately, I wasn't that lucky and only managed to answer 1 of the questions correctly.

It was a fun night and I think we may be off to try again next Sunday.

L x

PS. In case you were wondering, the correct answers are - The Black Pig, 35 and Ian Gow.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

the gym...

Can you believe it? Today we finally went to the gym for the first time in God knows how long!

We lasted about an hour and a half before we gave in and headed to the jaquzzi. The jaquzzi however was out of order and the steam room was full so we decided just to head back home.

L x

happy birthday mam...

It's my Mam's birthday today...

Happy Birthday Mam!

Hope you enjoy your present tonight!

L x

Saturday, October 16, 2004

lazy saturday...

Today we did nothing but slob around the house.

After our late night on Friday, we had a lie in followed by a day full of playing computer games. Dan is now addicted to The Sims 2 and I have to say, I am too.

We had a break to cook and eat dinner and watch CSI but now it's back to The Sims before bed!

L x

friday night out...

Went into town last night for some drinkies with Dan, Debbie, Jason, Stacey, George and Richard.

We met up in Great Expectations which was busier than I've ever seen it before. Had a couple of games of pool with some random Irish bloke who seemed to want to sell something to anyone who'd listen but didn't actually tell you what it was he wanted to sell you!

I managed to have a never ending pint. 2 hours later, it was still full. They had a promotion on Strongbow giving £1.00 of a pint so I decided to take up the offer. They also kept coming round with free samples so it kept me topped up with cider all night! :o)

When they finally chucked us out the pub about 11.30pm we decided to call it a night and headed home with George and Richard while the rest went on to Po Na Na's.

Dan and Richard played on the decks, spinning tunes and then we ordered pizza from Pizza Presto which were very yummy! I especially liked the Mighty Meat. And then I fell asleep!

Was a really good night out!

L x

Monday, October 11, 2004

layer cake...

Went to see Layer Cake on Sunday night.

It's not my type of film but I promised Dan that after all the films I've made him watch, I'd go and see it with him.

I have to say though that although I didn't think it was a cool fab film, I didn't actually hate it!

L x

Sunday, October 10, 2004

naughty night out...

Went out for a "quick drink after work" with George and Stacey on Friday and didn't get home till 1.00am!

The plan was to finish work (in my case 4.00pm!) and wander into town for a couple of drinks.

We started off in Bar 38 to try out their happy hour at around 5.00pm but were disappointed by what was on offer so moved next door to Old Orleans.

We sat there for a while and were joined by Richard (George's boyfriend) and Dan and decided to make a night of it so about 9.00pm we headed to Revolutions and there we sayed til 1.00am.

Was a really good night (tends to be the case when you don't plan them) although Dan was a wee bit poorly on Saturday, so bad that we couldn't make it to Newbury for a curry and some beer.

L x

Saturday, October 09, 2004

happy birthday big brother...

Happy Birthday to my Big Brother who's 31 today!

He's a right old gadgie now! ;o)

L x

Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Something I miss from home is Stotties!

It's yummy bread made only in Newcastle it seems, and sold in Greggs, although all the Greggs shops I've been in down South don't sell them! :o(

So, I purchased 8 Stotties and some Pease Pudding and Ham to bring back with me to make some delicious sandwiches.

And here it is, in all it's glory!


L x

Sunday, October 03, 2004


Went to see Wimbledon last night.

Just before heading off to the flicks, I read a review in the Times which wasn't all that good :o( Still, we'd made our decision (or rather I'd bribed Dan that we should see this first and Layer Cake next week) so off we went.

It was I have to say, better than the review and I even caught Dan laughing on a number of occasions! I really enjoyed it but then it was my type of film! :o)

The night was finished with a few drinkies at the local.

L x

Saturday, October 02, 2004

night on the quayside...

Had a night on the Quayside last night, first time in ages!

Met up with Lisa who I've not seen for a very long time, too long! Had a really good night.

You do forget how busy it gets though. And it's becoming hen night central. There was millions of hen night people. Two crowds had at least 20 people in them each!

Me and Dan wussed out of clubbing but Lisa and Gillian somehow managed to get free VIP passes into Sea the lucky buggers so they went off there while we had a very nice naughty burger and chips before heading home.

L x

Friday, October 01, 2004


Went to see Cellular last night.

It's a really good thriller movie. Had me on the edge of my seat quite a few times as I couldn't quite work out what was gonna happen.

The storyline seemed like it might've been a little bit far fetched but I certainly enjoyed it!

L x