Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Been a while since I posted so I thought i'd better write an update...


7th - Pre-Birthday drinks in Reading

12th - Fly to Las Vegas!

15th - My 30th Birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday and have been utterly spoilt. I think I could get used to this 30 lark :o)
The main birthday present was our trip to Las Vegas which was absolutely fab. It didn't stop there though, there was also a limo to pick me up from the airport and I had a shopping trip of dreams at Tiffany's! We celebrated my actually day in style with a Champagne Brunch at the Sterling Brunch in Ballys, had cocktails by the pool in the afternoon before hitting the town in the evening including a trip up the Eiffel Tower.


3rd - 5th - Mam & Dad came for a visit

18th - My birthday trip to the races


5th - Elton John's Red Piano show at the O2
Had a lovely afternoon in London with dinner in Covent Garden, a stroll along the river followed by a fab concert!

25th - Dan & Lorna Day! A trip to Santa Fe for cocktails and dinner to celebrate.

29th - Drunken antics at Rich & George's housewarming


5th - 7th - With Dan away on a boys weekend in Wales climbing Snowdon, the girls could party! A whole weekend of girlie shopping, lunching and drinking!

And that just about sums it up! ;o)

L x

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