Thursday, January 29, 2009

go the duds...

Quiz night last night and The Duds managed to pull it out the bag and score 3rd place! :o)

It has to be said, that after the first round, we were pretty rubbish, after round 2 we were joint 7th (out of 10). Round 3 saw us do a little better but somehow, in round 4 we managed to snatch most of the points and finished a respectable 3rd earning ourselves £6! Since we're a team of 4 - £6 wasn't much use to us so we kindly donated our winnings to the charity pot.

Roll on 2 weeks to the next quiz!

L x

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

getting fit...

So, another of my new years resolutions was to get fit, which should in turn tone me up and result in s a bit of weight loss... (that's the theory anyway!)

In the spring, I hope to start cycling to work again and i'm debating whether to go back to dancing lessons. On Monday though, I returned back to badminton and today, i'm feeling the delayed effects! I'm hoping that means I actually did some good!

L x

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Sunday, January 25, 2009

dinner at malmaison...

mal2.jpg mal3.jpg

Friday night we headed off for dinner at Malmaison - my treat! I am nice sometimes ;o)

We started with a couple of pre-dinner G&Ts before heading off to the Brasserie for dinner at 8.30pm. Mal have a special offer on at present - 2 courses plus wine and coffee for 2 for £29. We had a limited menu to choose from - the "home grown and local" menu which had a choice of 4 starters and mains. IN the end, we both chose the same thing - pea and Gorgonzola risotto to start followed by coq au vin with a side order of cabbage and bacon. Yum! Of course no dinner is complete without dessert so we chose a bread and butter pudding which was out of this world!

After dinner it was back to the bar for a nightcap before heading home to bed.

L x

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Been a while since I posted so I thought i'd better write an update...


7th - Pre-Birthday drinks in Reading

12th - Fly to Las Vegas!

15th - My 30th Birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday and have been utterly spoilt. I think I could get used to this 30 lark :o)
The main birthday present was our trip to Las Vegas which was absolutely fab. It didn't stop there though, there was also a limo to pick me up from the airport and I had a shopping trip of dreams at Tiffany's! We celebrated my actually day in style with a Champagne Brunch at the Sterling Brunch in Ballys, had cocktails by the pool in the afternoon before hitting the town in the evening including a trip up the Eiffel Tower.


3rd - 5th - Mam & Dad came for a visit

18th - My birthday trip to the races


5th - Elton John's Red Piano show at the O2
Had a lovely afternoon in London with dinner in Covent Garden, a stroll along the river followed by a fab concert!

25th - Dan & Lorna Day! A trip to Santa Fe for cocktails and dinner to celebrate.

29th - Drunken antics at Rich & George's housewarming


5th - 7th - With Dan away on a boys weekend in Wales climbing Snowdon, the girls could party! A whole weekend of girlie shopping, lunching and drinking!

And that just about sums it up! ;o)

L x

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

elton john...

I Love Dan! I'm going to see Elton John's Vegas show, the Red Piano at the O2 Arena in London :o)

Since we couldn't get tickets to see him in Vegas while we're there, he's spoiling me even more for my big birthday and has snapped up some tickets!

Yeah! Happy happy happy Lorna!

Thanks Honey!

L x


Saturday, March 31, 2007

random weather...

I was just checking the weather forecast for next weekend's adventures in Reading and Stockholm when I decided to see what the weather was like in other places. Vegas is hot and sunny, Sri Lanka is hot and rainy while NYC is just plain random!

Check out the weather for the next 5 days...


And people moan about British weather ;o)

L x

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Saturday, March 24, 2007

bellagio fountains...

I was looking round YouTube today and found videos of the Bellagio fountains which got me excited about my upcoming birthday trip.

I didn't want to watch any that I hadn't seen (they're so fantastic to watch live I didn't want to spoil it) but I managed to find a video of the song that we saw more times and any other "God Bless the USA". It was truly sickening and annoying but the fountains were still good and to me, the song now reminds me of our American Adventure in 2005.

Check it out - The Bellagio Fountains to "God Bless the USA"

L x

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Thursday, March 22, 2007

a fruit and veg story...

We didn't do too well at the quiz this week. 2nd last! The runner however was particularly fun this week so I've decided to copy it here to share with you as it was a paper round, not a TV round.

All you need to do is fill in the missing blanks to this story. All the blanks are the name of either a fruit or veg and the number of letters are given in brackets...

A Fruit and Veg Story

_____(7) begin by telling you a story about Darren and Angela, greengrocers from Birkenhead and their regular Sunday adventures. Each Sunday they got up bright and early. Whilst Angela got dressed, Darren went for his early morning _____(4). Every morning, the first thing Darren did was go for a _____(3).

This week, they decided to go on a boating trip with Angela's Mam, melanie and her new man Arty, Angie's friend Anna was going to come too. Anna was a _____(5). Although she lived in on the Wirral, she was born in Malmo. Anna decided not to come as she had a blind _____(4) with someone she'd not me before and usually she felt like a _____(10) when she went out with two couples. They all thought this was a good idea as they didn't want to _____(6) from coming, but the car only had four seats and two _____(4) would fit better.

Darren had just got a _____(4) job in Belgium that paid lots of money, but this meant he has to visit _____(8) a lot, but the increase in _____(6) meant they could afford a new car, a little red _____(9), Unfortunately, as Angela reversed out of their drive, she scratched the car on the garden wall.

As they pulled up at Angela's Mam's house, Arty noticed the damage to the car, "Do you know the car's scratched?" aid Arty. "Yeah" said Darren, "_____(6) did it. I'll take it round to my mate, Mike, he's a mechanic". "By the way, how's the _____(6, 4) Darren?" said Arty , as Darren had been learning a new language to help him in his new job.

They all drove down to the river and got in a rowing boat. The boat was very small and there was not _____(8) and it was a bit of a _____(6). Arty sat at the front, Darren at the back with the two women in the middle holding the oars, Angela on one side, _____(5) the other. "I feel a right _____(5) sat at the back" said Darren. They set off against a strong _____(7). Arty saw a seal turn it's head in the shallow water near the riverbank. Darren below a loud _____(9) at it. "Your behaviour _____(6) me Darren" said Angela's mother. "_____(7) may" said Darren. "That Darren is incorrigable flower" said Arty to Angela's mother. "_____(5) a little Mother" said Angela in defence of her husband.

Finally, they reached another berth further down the river. They disembarked and walked towards the City Centre. "I'm hungry" said Arty, "I forgot to bring my usual bag of nuts". They argued about who should go into the shop as there was a big black dog standing next to the door. "Look at that _____(11)" said Arty to Mel. It was decided that Darren would go in. When Darren was in the shop, he realised he didn't have any money, so he asked the shopkeeper if he would accept his card. "No, but i'll _____(6) a cheque" said the shopkeeper. Darren bought a big bag of nuts. Finally he got out of the shop. "Where have you _____(4)" said Angela to Daren. Darren handed the nuts around but they made _____(9) as he ate them too quickly. After Arty had recovered, they all decided the whole day had been a disaster so they all agreed to go home.

And that's _____(7)

L x

PS. Answers can be found in the comments...

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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

grand canyon skywalk

The new Skywalk opened at the Grand Canyon today, although the public won't be allowed on it until 28th March.

The Skywalk is a horse-shoe shaped glass bridge which allows you to walk out over the GC and view the bottom, a mere 4000ft down! It's on the West Rim of the Canyon, home of the Hualapei Tribe and where we visited during our American Adventure in 2005.

We are making a trip to the Canyon during our road trip in July this year but unfortunately, it's the South Rim we're visiting this time so won't be able to go on it. Not that I'd have been able to get Dan on it! ;o)

L x


Monday, March 19, 2007

first day at work...

It was my first day at work today!

I've got no desk, no computer and no log-on details but I have got a nameplate for my door! All I need now is a door to put it on :oP

Hopefully I should have somewhere to sit by the end of the week. Seems there's gonna be a re-organisation as to where people go so it might not be just me with a new office and desk.

So far everyone I've met has been really nice and friendly.

L x

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Saturday, March 17, 2007

newbury night out...

We headed over to Newbury last night to meet the usual suspects for a curry at a very nice restaurant.

The menu didn't have any of the usual curry dishes which meant we took extra long pouring over the menu's having to read all the descriptions.

I can't remember what the names of my dishes we called. I had a No.12 which was a prawn thing (deep fried prawns with a ginger and something flavour) which I shared with Dan along with the "Mo Mo" he had (lamb dumplings), both of which were very nice. For my main meal I had a really nice curry, a No.63! It was tikka lamb in a thick gravy sauce.

There was time for a very quick drink before the last train home.

L x

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

the long lunch...

With Dan off to his brother's "HAG" night in Nottingham (so called because it's a Hen and stAG night combined) I was left home alone for the rest of the weekend so I arranged to meet Mondana for "lunch".

The venue for our "lunch" was the Pitcher & Piano. I say "lunch" because we met at 1.15pm and although we did actually eat lunch, we didn't actually leave the pub until around 8.30pm!

We did try to leave before then. We even got out of our seats and went to the bar to settle the bill and ended up coming back with cocktails instead! :oP

L x

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

birthday curry...

Another fab curry courtesy of "Bengal Beef" was enjoyed by all at George's birthday night out. There was much eating and drinking in the restaurant before we headed off to a very empty and quiet Po Na Na's.

Even though there was no-one in the club and they hadn't even put the music on yet (it was soon after 10.00pm) we still had to do the obligatory queue! :oP

We staggered home sometime around 12.30pm and left the birthday girl partying.

L x

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Friday, March 09, 2007

no more dole scum...

I've joined the life of the employed again!

I got offered the PA role at the hospital I went for and I have accepted :o) My start date is yet to be confirmed as I have to have a CRB check (criminal records bureau) but as long as they don't find out I'm a master criminal everything will be OK :o)

The role seems to have changed since I went to the interview too. I won't be PA to both, I'll only be PA to one - the General Manager. Sounds like it could be a good role.

L x

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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

another interview...

I had another interview today. Another PA role to two mangers, this time at a private hospital.

The interview seemed to go really well and I wasn't my usual panicky worried self when it comes to interviews, I was actually quite relaxed which I think helped a lot! I hate all those "tell me a time when you..." questions. They're a load of ***. Instead they asked questions which were a "what would you do in this situation" question. Much better!

So, the wait begins.

L x

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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


No pub quiz this week so instead we're off to the Hop Leaf for some real ale, chit chat and a game or 2 of bar billards.

L x

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

bad luck...

I didn't get that job I went for on Friday. No real feedback other than to say that they have shortlisted a few other candidates who they feel "better suit their environment". Whatever that means!

Oh well, they're loss! :o)

L x

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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Got my first interview tomorrow! It's a PA role to two managers for a company based on the Kings Road in Reading so nice and handy. And it sounds like a nice company to work for so fingers crossed!

L x

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We went to the quiz last night and had our braincells well and truely tested!

Round 1 was incredibly hard and we eneded the round with 10/25 with the possibilty of 5 additional bonus points. While we weren't last, the first team place had a massive 22.5 points so we were certainly at the bottom of the pack.

Round 2 wasn't much better, with another 10.5 points to add to our score. After 2 rounds we still had less than the highest points from round 1!

We weren't doing too badly though and were in 4th place going into the "runner" round.

This is the kinda the picture quiz round and is always a different theme (it was once pictures of cakes & biscuits!) This week's topic was The Oracle - naming the identified shops on each level. This cerrtainly was our round and we scored top marks! 25/25!

By some miracale, we managed to finish in 3rd place so we won a prize! Woo! The prize however turned out to be £2 which we kindly donated to charity :o)

L x

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

One week to go...

It's one week today til we're off to Sri Lanka! :oD

We had to start our malaria tablets today and i'm hoping there's no side effects!

Still a few bits and pieces left to get, namely "first aid" type stuff such as malaria fighting -extra-double strength insect repellent and diarrhea pills! ;o)

L x

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Friday, January 26, 2007

anyone want a pa...

Found out today that i'm being made redundant! :o(

It's all moving fast with my last day Tuesday/Wednesday next week! They don't hang about! :oP What that means is that i'll have a few days off before our holiday so I can do all the packing which i'm rather pleased about.

It's not all doom an gloom though. I've already been put forward for 7 jobs with another 2 in the pipeline so things don't seem too bad. Even better is that while all the jobs are more money, a fair few are up to £5,000 more :o)

Every cloud has a silver lining...

L x

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Wooo! Woke up to snow this morning :o)


I bet it doesn't last very long though...

L x

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Friday, January 12, 2007

queen lorna of england...

Could I be Queen of England?

English Heritage
are on the search for the "real" King or Queen of England so if you've already started tracing your family tree then you're a lot closer than me in claiming the throne.

I did start trying to do my family tree a few years ago but I kinda got bored / it got hard and I got as far as my grand-parents! :oP

I'd love to do it but have absolutely no idea how you actually go about it. Maybe this could be my new hobby for 2007...

Queen Lorna x


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

travel updates...

I receive regular updates from the world of travel from a business travel agent and although they seem to contain useful information, something about them always makes me wonder if they are a serious article.

Here's some information from today's update.

* BIRMINGHAM Airport apologised to passengers who had recently arrived from the Indian sub continent after a body bag turned up on the baggage conveyor belt. Apparently a passenger expired enroute forcing the aircraft to land in Bucharest. No one, including the Russian pilot, thought to mention it when it landed in the UK.

* USA If anyone travelled to Houston recently on either Continental, British Airways or Lufthansa and have still to be reunited with their luggage, salvation is at hand. Local police have discovered dozens of pieces of luggage in the trash bin behind a pet store.

You can make you're own mind up...

L x


Friday, January 05, 2007

brussels bound...

We're heading off to Brussels for the weekend in just over 6 hours!

Happy Christmas Dan & Lorna :o)

L x

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Monday, January 01, 2007

new year's resolutions...

Our new years resolution is once again to pay off as much debt as possible!

We had a setback with our resolution in 2006 when Dan lost his job but by miracle of miracles we did it! By the skin of our teeth! :o)

Here's hoping for good luck in 2007.

L x


happy new year...

Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best for 2007.


L x