Wednesday, January 21, 2009

the national lottery...

We've decided to play the lottery for a year - well, they say you've got to be in it to win it!

We've missed a couple of weeks of the year but I finally got round to signing up yesterday and have bought 8 weeks worth of tickets online. They're lucky dip numbers (although they gave us the same numbers for the whole 8 weeks) so we have no idea what they are.

Any wins under £100 will go into the holiday pot - anything over than that - well, we can decide what we do with it if we win.

So - here's hoping for a lucky year!

L x

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Tuesday, October 09, 2007


Been a while since I posted so I thought i'd better write an update...


7th - Pre-Birthday drinks in Reading

12th - Fly to Las Vegas!

15th - My 30th Birthday!

I had a fantastic birthday and have been utterly spoilt. I think I could get used to this 30 lark :o)
The main birthday present was our trip to Las Vegas which was absolutely fab. It didn't stop there though, there was also a limo to pick me up from the airport and I had a shopping trip of dreams at Tiffany's! We celebrated my actually day in style with a Champagne Brunch at the Sterling Brunch in Ballys, had cocktails by the pool in the afternoon before hitting the town in the evening including a trip up the Eiffel Tower.


3rd - 5th - Mam & Dad came for a visit

18th - My birthday trip to the races


5th - Elton John's Red Piano show at the O2
Had a lovely afternoon in London with dinner in Covent Garden, a stroll along the river followed by a fab concert!

25th - Dan & Lorna Day! A trip to Santa Fe for cocktails and dinner to celebrate.

29th - Drunken antics at Rich & George's housewarming


5th - 7th - With Dan away on a boys weekend in Wales climbing Snowdon, the girls could party! A whole weekend of girlie shopping, lunching and drinking!

And that just about sums it up! ;o)

L x

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Thursday, May 31, 2007

back again...

Woo! It looks like most of the bugs that have been effecting my blog for the last few months have been fixed. At least the ones that show the photo, there still seems to be some problems with some of the archived posts.

So, now it's all working better, I guess I should think about stuff and things to write about...

L x